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Chris Weigant, political commentator, author, and blogger, has been a regular contributor to The Huffington Post since 2006. Chris describes his political outlook as “left libertarian.”

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He Said / They Said

Brett Kavanaugh now stands accused of sexual misconduct by two women. The minefield Republicans already had to cross to get him confirmed to the Supreme Court just got a whole lot more politically explosive, in other words. “He-said/she-said” has now become: “He said/ they said.” And the lawyer for Stormy Daniels has hinted that he’s got a th [Read More…]
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Program Note

My internet provider has been having a lot of trouble today. Internet service has been occasionally up, but mostly down. They know there’s a problem and they’re working on it. But just to warn everyone, there may be severe service interruptions. Thanks for your patience.
— Chris Weigant
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Friday Talking Points — This Is Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assaults

Brett Kavanaugh was supposed to have been confirmed by the Senate to a seat on the Supreme Court by now. That was the original plan, at any rate. But this plan was blown out of the water last Friday when Christine Blasey Ford came forward and publicly accused him of attempting to rape her when the two were in high school. The fallout still cont [Read More…]
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SCOTUS Daydreaming

[ Editor’s Note: At least once a year, usually during the silly season in August, I indulge in writing a summer daydream article. I am probably “borrowing” this theme from the comic strip Doonesbury , I fully admit, but when the political news is slow and the weather’s hot sometimes it’s fun to just indulge your inner “what if…” and spin it [Read More…]
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A Strangely Subdued Trump

Donald Trump, in the past week, has seen his former campaign manager Paul Manafort flip on him and agree to a plea deal with Bob Mueller, watched as his Supreme Court nominee’s vote had to be postponed because of a sexual assault charge levied against him, and must surely by now have heard that Stormy Daniels is about to release a new book in whic [Read More…]
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Are GOP Voters Delusionally Overconfident?

Just to warn everyone up front, this is not really going to be a proper column. I had actually intended to take the day off for unrelated reasons, but rather than running a re-run column or not running anything at all, the following caught my eye. So I’m running this excerpt to stimulate conversation in the comments, because it certainly is an i [Read More…]
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Anita Hill 2.0 In The Age Of #MeToo

We are all about to see a hypothetical scenario many have wondered about actually become reality. The hypothetical situation can be stated as: “In the age of #MeToo, how would the Anita Hill accusations against Clarence Thomas have played out differently?” Because we’ve now got another Supreme Court judicial nominee who has been accused of sexua [Read More…]
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  1. Nice rant. Obama only had the choice in the battlefield, not the decision to go to war. But let’s recap where we are: HHS has the responsibility and duty to define what health care is, based on the best available medical knowledge. The Bishops have determined not to cover contraception, therefore they are not providing health care to their employees, PERIOD. Now it’s up to employer and their employees, whether they are paid more in lieu of the health care benefit or drop it altogether, but either way the employees are then free to buy health care, through the exchanges according to their beliefs. It is the same reasoning you can’t pay your employees in rosary beads or prayers and call it wages. After all the island of Manhattan is not for sale and PrayerCare is not a substitute for health care. But as a progressive, perhaps the religious right would like to address the abomination created by the federal funding of faith-based initiatives. Since Obama has actually increased funding over Bush levels, a nice counter-punch on Obama from progressives, would solidify his religious creds.

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