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Award-Winning journalist and author of Empire Burlesque – High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium, Chris Floyd blogs about the American political scene.

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Grazing in Heaven: A Martyr for the Barons’ Rebellion

RIP, LaVoy Finicum, hero of the Oregon Bund. You died so that one day — and may it be soon, almighty God! — all wealthy armed extremists whose sweetheart contracts with the federal government undercut poorer ranchers by skewing the free market for grazing fees will be able run cattle on every wildlife refuge across the width and breadth of thi [Read More…]
>Posted to Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque on 27 January 2016 | 10:27 am

Pay as You Go: Refugee Crisis Sparks Return to Traditional European Values

“Switzerland joins Denmark in seizing assets from refugees to cover costs.” (Guardian). This is such a great idea. Confiscate anything that might help refugees support themselves (then demonize them for being “a drain on taxpayers,” of course). But why stop at “seizing assets” to make them “pay for their upkeep”? Why not, say take their gold tee [Read More…]
>Posted to Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque on 15 January 2016 | 1:06 pm

Danse Macabre: Blessed Be the Bipartisans

“And so I said, ‘We came, we saw, he died!’ And now they’ve got death and chaos up the wazoo! Have I not done well, Master?”
“Finished your training you have. Well you have done. But far yet must you go your teacher to match. My words you recall when Cambodia we destroyed with fire from the sky? ‘It’s an order, it’s to be done. Anything t [Read More…]
>Posted to Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque on 13 January 2016 | 12:13 pm

Seeing Ghosts: History’s Nightmares Return in Syria

(Sorry for the dearth in posting. Hope to do more soon, if anyone is still out there. Meanwhile, here’s my column from last month’s CounterPunch print magazine.) *** Just hours after the UK Parliament’s vote to bomb Syria on December 2, four British jets were scrambling from their base in Cyprus, on their way to strike oilfields held by ISIS. [Read More…]
>Posted to Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque on 11 January 2016 | 5:28 pm

Two-Second Atrocity: A Sick Society Exudes Its Stench

Tamir Rice, 12, carrying a toy gun, was shot two seconds after the officer arrived. It’s overwhemingly obvious that the officer went on the call intending to kill the “suspect” immediately. No warning, no talk, just an instantaneous draw-and-fire. But he faces no charges at all for what was obviously an intent to kill, regardless of the circ [Read More…]
>Posted to Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque on 30 December 2015 | 1:11 am

STW Head Joins Cameron & Blairites in Twisting Truth on "Whirlwind" Post

An open letter to Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop the War coalition : In your Guardian interview with John Harris , you joined David Cameron and the pro-war Blairites in completely mischaracterising my “Reaping the Whirlwind” blogpost . You said you objected to it because it did not “completely condemn the Paris massacres.” This is [Read More…]
>Posted to Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque on 12 December 2015 | 2:14 am

Gutless Wonders: America Gladly Thrusts Its Neck Under the Jackboot

Just a quick thought: when did America become a nation of such gutless, frothing cowards ? Induced panics — political, ‘moral,’ financial, etc. — are an endemic feature of American history, of course. But to see people positively revelling in their cowardice — proud of it, boasting of it, building their lives around it — as they are today s [Read More…]
>Posted to Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque on 11 December 2015 | 12:28 pm

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